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CDW Resorts to Spam

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

As an independent network consultant, the real job, many of my clients have accounts setup with my reps at various technology suppliers. One of those is CDW. Yesterday I received an email from a client asking “What is this?”. In looking at the forwarded email there was a PDF attachment. It was a quote from CDW. Since I handle all of the quotes for this client I found it strange. His remote office does buy their own toner from CDW, but those are not quotes.

It turns out the quote was for an HP server for a total of $1108.56. I would have thought he had hired another consultant except that he sent this to me. Wheew! I felt a little better at that point at least, but what was this quote and who requested it? The client thought maybe an employee had tried to get some hardware! A bit more investigation… Ah Ha!

The subject of the email was “CDW-D Quote ######## – PO Ref: CDW SPECIAL SERVER PROMOTION”.

I almost immediately knew this was an ad but the email continued: