About Us

Technopinions was the brain child of Steve (Razz) & Mike. Steve spent many hours talking tech with his friend Mike and realized that every self-proclaimed geek was doing the same thing. You know the story… A new product hits the market and we search the contacts of our smartphones for someone to discuss it with. (If that has never happened to you, bail out now.)

After a 30 second phone call Mike was in, and technopinions was underway. We are not journalists and really have no business doing this, that is except for the love of all things tech. We do each have some tech in our background though. I am an network consultant that got my first MCSE back in the days of NT 3,51 (Yes, I am that old). While I work on almost nothing but Windows based systems, I use Apple Macs myself. I have also been in radio since 1979 and still keep my hand in it on weekends. I do some graphic & web design work on a rare occasion, and I love photography as a hobby – Canon shooter. Mike has many years of experience in prepress and owns a web design business. He uses Macs and shoots Nikon.

If we say something you find interesting enough to quote elsewhere, please cite the source.

Below I have reposted our introduction posts as they may give you a little more insight into our thought process.


Professionals have called it “gadget lust”, I call it “gimme gimme”. Whether it’s shiny and handheld or the newest service from a techo-giant, I want to know all about it. Consequently, an opinion is formed… right, wrong or just poorly thought out.

My buddy (enabler?) Steve thought it would be a good idea to have some of the same discussions we typically have, but share them with others. Maybe it’s helpful to future visitors, maybe it’s just a distraction to keep us from clicking the “Buy Now” button on some other site. Either way, I invite you to tune in for our take on today’s tech. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

PS. Hey Steve! First Post FTW!


My friend Mike would seem to indicate that we have an addiction. I beg to differ with that opinion. I have always been attracted to tech, not addicted. If I am not sure if something qualifies as ‘tech’, I usually error on the side of caution and choose to lust after it just in case. Addiction? I think not. I only want 90% of what I see. That last 10% I am content not having until a birthday. Self-control, that’s the key.

Mike and I often discuss ‘tech’. From a great iPhone app to a new piece of hardware, we simply have opinions. Wrong or right, or a bit of both, we think and discuss tech much like you do. This site is our contribution to the discussion and we’re glad you joined us. Let’s have fun!