Using iOS Devices with Wired-Only Hotel Internet

I got a call from my brother saying he had searched everywhere and was unable to find instructions on how to use his iPad in his Hotel room when he goes overseas. The WiFi was too expensive, but there is a wired connection in the room that is free. It caught me off guard since all the tech people I hang out with would have know the answer instantly. For those that don’t…Take a small wireless router with you. The Apple Airport Express is small, but you can also get standard consumer brands cheaper. Simply treat the hotel Ethernet jack as the internet and plug it into the WAN/Internet port of the router. Now you have your own private wireless.

2 Responses to “Using iOS Devices with Wired-Only Hotel Internet”

  1. Claire says:

    Are European or other international jacks the same size/frequency as US?
    I’m surprised there are many hotels left with wired internet, esp when they can make such a killing charging for wifi!

  2. Razz says:

    Hi Claire, Unlike power outlets, Wired Ethernet jacks/plugs are the same standard around the world – RJ45. Most places charge insane prices for WiFi, but many still have wired connections too. Often they are either in-wall, or built into the in-room phone. I can’t say what the charges are, but it has been my experience that the wired connections are cheaper. The biggest thing is that the WiFi connections are per-device. If you can get a wired connection you can use your own router and end up with a hotspot of your own.