Did The McGraw-Hill CEO Steal The Apple Tablet Thunder? – Updated

Listen to this CNBC interview with the McGraw-Hill CEO. At around 2:50 in he confirms the Apple Table, along with the fact that it will be based on the iPhone OS. My guess? He might be on Steve Job’s Sh-t list. (Via MacRumors and CNBC)


It get so fun to watch this stuff unfold. Could McGraw-Hill have been pulled from the Apple iPad event because of his comments on CNBC? While I think Apple is more than willing, as it seems they have done in the past to punish someone, McGraw-Hill claims they were not tossed.

3 Responses to “Did The McGraw-Hill CEO Steal The Apple Tablet Thunder? – Updated”

  1. Mark, Sr. says:

    “Hey Steve, let me steal your thunder a little bit . . . ”
    Can Jobs sue him for breach of confidentiality? And should he?

  2. Razz says:

    Great question. If you read some of the forums, many people are wondering how the CEO of a major corporation could do something like this – if he was subject to an NDA. I don’t think he could, and more importantly would, be that crazy. Who in their right mind goes on national television and asks to be sued? Based on the idea that he is not insane, you have to wonder if this was a controlled leak. I’m not saying it is mind you. I don’t see any benefit to Apple with this.

    As to your questions? I’m not a lawyer, as you know, but I would think that, if he is under an NDA, that Apple could sue. Maybe a real lawyer could tell us. And should they sue? Yeah. My real opinion is ‘no’, except for the precedence it would set. Apple likes their secrets, and Steve might have wanted to be the one to announce the tablet. If they don’t slam this door shut, then this will become the norm. I actually like the fact that Apple keeps their presentations so well protected. It’s like a gift when the announcement is made.

  3. Mark, Sr. says:

    I think that Apple and Steve Jobs should, at least, “file” a lawsuit, for the reasons that you cited. Not only that, but it would generate more (somewhat) FREE buzz about Apple and the iPad!
    The eventual (read: planned) dropping of the lawsuit (this August, for instance) and “acceptance” of textbook heavy McGraw-Hill would almost be like a sigh of relief for the college student market’s new school year by then . . .