iPhone iDroid App Rejected

TechCrunch reports that developer Swavv has created an iPhone app called iDroid. Problem is, Apple didn’t like it. The app was apparently rejected by Apple and will not be coming to an App Store near you anytime soon. I can see Apple’s point, since it was basically just an ad for the Verizon Droid. Still, I have been trying to come up with real world, smart ass, analogies and I can’t. I was going to use “That’s like Windows shipping with a Mac OS X Snow Leopard wallpaper”. Problem is, the iPhone wouldn’t ship with iDroid. The consumer would install it, just like a consumer can put a Mac theme over Windows. Then I considered “That’s like buying a Toyota with Porsche emblems”, but again, a consumer can install any emblem they want on their car. Wow, this is hard. I know, “It’s Apple’s store and they can do whatever they want”. I really do want that Google Voice App, but then again I don’t want the Rick Astley virus one. So, I guess Apple can block whatever it wants.

3 Responses to “iPhone iDroid App Rejected”

  1. Mike says:

    Considering how litigious Apple is when it comes to protecting their brand, it would be foolish for them to release this app. I would expect Lucas Arts (“Droid” is their trademark), Motorola and Verizon to send certified letters to Apple the moment this was approved. This is assuming that Swavv didn’t make the proper legal and financial arrangements with the copyright holders.

    The moment Apple set themselves up as gatekeepers they became 100% responsible for any app that makes it onto the iPhone (excluding jailbreaking). Sure, Swavv could be intimidated by one letter and then never spend another dime on the matter. Apple on the otherhand, would require legal review and risk more public scrutiny regardless of the outcome.

  2. Mike says:

    One more point… is it possible that this was a calculated move by Swavv? I had never heard of them before this and the app was sure to be rejected. Could they have “built” this app just for the publicity? I say “built” because the app doesn’t appear to do much. It looks like it could have been built during a marketing meeting.

  3. Razz says:

    Hey Mike,

    Your first comment is on the mark. Apple has to consider everything, and I doubt (but don’t really know) that Swavv obtained the required permissions. Remember, they used iDroid and not Droid, but I am sure that it would still be challenged. I meant what I said, and have always believed. It is Apple’s store. I really have no issues with the Gatekeeper role so many people seem to be angry about. I think the App approval system, in it’s current form, is greatly flawed. That said, with proper attention I think it can be fixed. I will go a step more and say I really have some felling bordering on glad about the gatekeeper role. I do think a fully system can be great on a computer but not my phone. Apple is right in that sense. The phone has to work always, period.

    Your second comment is interesting. They had to know this would fail, and therefore it is reasonable to wonder, did they get some publicity by cop? Simple app with no real dev time and tons of coverage. Not bad. I have heard of them before. I know some people with BeerPong and Copter.