It’s time for Apple to bring landscape mode to the rest of the iPhone OS and built-in apps

Apple’s iPhone has been slow to adopt landscape mode for its built-in applications. It took a while, but now we can type and read in landscape mode within Mail and Messages, in addition to the early entries, Safari and iTunes. Many apps in the App Store include a landscape mode as though it’s expected, and it is. However, there doesn’t seem to be any hint that the OS itself or any of the other built-in apps will get a wide view.

This disparity fractures the overall experience. Jumping from Safari in landscape mode to any other program brings you to one of your home screens… which only displays in portrait mode. Then, pop into Messages or Mail and you get back to wide view again. It’s not a huge challenge to navigate at an angle or to manually rotate the phone. But Apple has always made the extra effort to give us a seamless, fluid experience. Rotating the phone also causes a small, but real pause as the rotation is animated. And, as good as the accelerometer is, there are times when it takes a moment for the phone to register physical rotation, if at all.

Some could argue, and rightfully so, that landscape mode is inefficient for displaying content, especially when using the onscreen keyboard. True, but I prefer the wider keyboard. I also prefer keeping the orientation the same. Finally, I prefer to make the phone wait for me, not the other way around.

Apple, give us the option for a complete landscape view mode through out the iPhone OS and it’s built-in apps. Pretty please with a credit card on top?

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